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Instant Regret Hot Sauce--It's the Biggest Regret You'll Make

Instant regrets are different from normal regrets in the sense that they come, well, instantly. For example: passing on that hot piece of ass because you still had work the next day? Instant regret. Drinking that whole pitcher of long island iced tea because your ex was getting it on with your (ex) best friend across the bar? Instant regret. Throwing a couple of punches his way after your down your last glass? Major instant regret.

The lightest but probably most physically excruciating instant regret you'll ever get is from this bottle of Instant Regret Hot Sauce. It's so hot and painfully spicy that it might just knock your taste buds unconscious. It contains capsaicin, which has been extracted from the King Naga Chilli Pepper. It's crazy hot and it's also one of the hottest peppers that's known to man. There's also some Birds Eye Chilli and Chipotle mixed in to give the sauce a barbecue tang to it.

Get It: ~$16

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