I Will Never Give Up on Katie Holmes (or Her Cleavy Hotness Outside The Letterman Show)

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I know Katie Holmes kind of nose-dove her own girl next door sextastic into the ground when she took on the Tom Cruise wife number four or five duties and got Trapped in the Closet with Tom and baby and whatnot, but she'll always be Joey from Dawson's Creek to me, and she'll always be right up there in the upper echelon of naughty bedroom window climbing fantasies. And, on occasion still, like last night outside The David Letterman Show, in her hot pink dress, she'll climb right back up into the naughty parts of the mind, encouraging the whole cycle all over again.

Hey, she survived a Tom Cruise marriage, not so easy to do and still come out on top. And on top of Katie is where... well, you know. Enjoy.

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