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I Have a Monster Crush on Phoebe Tonkin; Who Cares If It's Not Mutual (Yet)

I've lusted super hot Vampire Diaries actress and gorgeous Aussie Phoebe Tonkin since our eyes first met. Well, technically, she didn't look at me, and I was looking at her chest, but such is the nature of male-female love at first sight, only in the movies is it eye to eye.

Featured in a promotional shoot for Logan Jewelry 2013, Phoebe Tonkin just drops some straight out, old school hotness, the kind you can't fake or mask or build on a machine (but how awesome would it be if there were a sextastic girl making machine?), just pure titillation by way of good lookingness.

Oh, Phoebe, please answer just one of the 337 letters I've sent you. Okay, so you don't need to read the ones with the stick figure drawings, or, okay, the naughty poems, or the ones that smell like Old Spice mixed with Tinactin Antifungal, but the pure sweet ones. There's one or two in there. I shall await your response. Enjoy.

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