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Hitman: Absolution Offers DLC That Totally Looks Like Deus Ex (VIDEO)

Why you'd want your newly released assassination video game to look like an old sci-fi first person shooter is a question that's way above my pay grade. I barely know why the sky is blue. So far be it from me to complain about Hitman: Absolution offering a downloadable content pack that includes gear based on Deus Ex for Agent 47 to use.  It must be the idea that putting everybody's favorite bald-headed assassin in a suit of Deux Ex armor defeats the entire purpose of playing an assassination game. Agent 47 is supposed to be stealthy and invisible. Why the hell would he need armor? To protect him from all of the assailants that AREN'T supposed to see him?

In any case check out the new Deus Ex DLC and make your own decisions about assassins who wear armor. I liken it to porn stars wearing raincoats.

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