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Having NBA Players Sing a Rewrite of Jingle Bells Was Not a Great Idea

Someone at the NBA's marketing department thought to themselves, 'hey, what if we got James Harden, Jason Kidd, BlakeGriffin and Chris Paul to sing a version of Jingle Bells that's all about playing basketball on Christmas Day?' Apparently they then shared that idea and someone higher up thought, 'that's great! Do that!' And do that they did.

So to get you pumped for some NBA action on Christmas day, those four guys are here to make your ears bleed a little bit. Kind of like the giant cut on Kidd's eye. It's really something to see that closeup and in HD. I know that Kidd could use some positive publicity, but man, did they purposely try to get the guy with the worst voice? So go ahead and watch this if you dare, I sat through the whole 48 seconds of it, I shouldn't have to be the only one to suffer.

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