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Hard Snaps - Ten Great NFL Photos From Week 15

The NFL might be a pass happy league now, but look at this. There are already 12 guys who have rushed for more than 1,000 yards through 14 games, and there are six more with legitimate shots at cracking that threshold. That's a lot of yards on the ground.

So it turns out Colin Kaepernick predicted he would be play for the 49ers back when he was just in fourth grade. NBC showed the letter he wrote during last night's game. That's pretty amazing. Also amazing is the three-way tie for the NFC East lead. A few weeks ago, Dallas owner Jerry Jones was wondering about his team's future, now he's saying a Super Bowl run isn't out of the question. Anything can happen, but winning a couple of games on field goals in consecutive weeks doesn't seem like the mark of a team reaching its peak to me.

Anyway, here are my picks for ten of the best photos from week 15. Hard to believe we're down to just two more weeks of regular season action.

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