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Hana Nitsche Banging Bikini Body and Banging Russell Simmons on Miami Beach

Guess we have to give it up to Russell Simmons for living the dream we've all pretty much dreamed. Every four to six months or so Russell appears along some happening celebrity coastline with yet another much much younger actress or model babe, looking like the fox who just ate the chicken (and, yes, that is a euphemism for looking like he just knocked boots with a young model hottie) and just wearing the grin of a satisfied man.

Latest Simmons conquest, Hana Nitsche, showed off her smoking sextastic body in a gold bikini in betwixt bouts with her much older new rich boyfriend. Now, we rise above petty feelings such as jealous and envy here at Egotastic!, I mean, we do try our damnedest to do so, but, it's just so hard... Russell Simmons, you lucky bastard! Enjoy.

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