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Golden Eagle Snatches Toddler Off the Ground; Toddler Okay, Eagle Feels Like a Total Dick (VIDEO)

I've only been to Montreal once before, and I mostly remember the fine leather products to be had, and the saucy Frenchy women. I managed to score some sweet boots, did less well with the women. And, apparently I missed an entire element to the fair Quebec city -- dangerous flying man-eating predators from above! Hide your children, literally.

Captured in a park in Montreal, the world's most ambitious golden eagle swoops down to lift a toddler off the ground for dinner time back at the mountain top crib. But, hold on, descendant of dinosaur, you're no Pterodactyl, my brother. Epic eagle fail. Child safe. Eagle is voted the biggest douche bird by all his eagle buddies at the lodge. Do check it out.

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