God Bless the American Flag Bikini on Claudia Romani, May She Ever Wave (and Wiggle)

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Girls named Claudia are killing us these days on the beach in Miami, but our heart strings are most heavily plucked by Latin original goddess, Claudia Romani, who pulled out her American flag inspired bikini for a little show and tell time on the sandy shores of Miami. Oh, how our staffs went to full mast upon that patriotic sight.

Granted, we do fall in lust quite easily, and quite often, and we are the kind of guys who would empty our bank accounts and drop our drawers in public just because we saw a cute girl who might have looked our way, but when the lust lingers, then we no it's something real, I mean, real for us, often just a need for a restraining order for our object d' lust. With Claudia Romani, it's definitely real. Enjoy.

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