Gaming’s Whacked-Out Week: Ass Spanking, Vegetable Pleasuring and Boobitude for Thrice the Win!

Yes indeed. A further salutation to our enterprising Japanese friends is in order. The fine gentlemen of the Land of the Rising Penis dispense a remarkable array of pervtastic shenanigans. Comparatively, the rest of the world is but a zealously celibate nun, whose only raison d’etre is to righteously smite our erections with a fresh-from-the-refrigerator metal ladle. (We aren’t speaking metaphorically.)

As such, let us applaud with vigor/our pants down such erotic wonderment as the Sekuhara Interface, another entry in the let’s masturbate fruit and vegetables for no fathomable reason genre. (This particular milieu is already market-saturated-to-the-point-of-grotesque-cliche, as we’re sure you’ll attest. Who wasn’t beguiled for several months by the critically-acclaimed Watermelon Wanking 4?)

If you demand further knowledge-facts pertaining to this, and the video game controlled by spanking asscheeks -which you do, it’s folly to deny it- we will fire informo-nuggets at your face in the gallery above. Prepare to be aroused, alarmed and abashed.

Hit Kotaku for more on the ass-spanking video game and the vegetable-based lurid one.

Destructoid brings us the Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine Edition.