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Freaky But Cool: It's a Bloody Cybernetic Demon

Blood, demons, and robots. Put everything together and you'll probably get something that looks like this bloody Cybernetic demon that's all gore and pure win!

It's a costume that was built entirely from scratch by Brian Cargile. He's worn the costume several times at a couple of cons, and he explains that this impressive armor has always been an attention grabber. It's easy to see why, really.

There are several components to the costume: the chest armor, the gauntlets, the claw gloves, the thigh and shin armor, the boot covers, and the helmet with a laser eye and movable jaw. The chest is peppered with red LED lights with vials of liquid to take the creepiness level up another notch.

The mutated teeth armor is the best part of the costume though, in my opinion.

If you're in the market for a new costume, then this might be it. It's pretty expensive at $1,987 (as expected, given the amount of work that probably went into this thing.) But if you want it, you can get it here.

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