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Fox Hunt: Mrs. Claus Unwraps Her Own Boobtastic Gifts to Infuse Us With Some Raunchy Holiday Spirit

This installment is replete with twin celebratory announcements. Today heralds the release of Egotastic! favorite Far Cry 3, the much-vaunted open world FPS. Its tropical island setting -akin to that of the upcoming Dead Island: Riptide- lends a wondrous dichotomy of idyllic vacation spot and blood-bleeding uber violence/excessive profanity to proceedings. We approve heartily, as should you. (For the uninitiated, we've previously fired a trailer into your facehere and here.)

Most pertinently, though, there are but three Tuesdays remaining before the annual choco-binge-athon encroaches on us all. We'll pass out in a turkey-addled stupor, awakening to discover that some cad shaved our bollocks as we slept. ATMs will proffer nothing but a crudely-fashioned middle finger graphic on the screen upon card insertion. It's a ludicrously expensive, magical time.

Still, a gallery of the marvelous, misery-mitigating Mrs. Claus( should help see us through. Flex your ogling muscles, gentlemen.

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