Fox Hunt (In Motion): Behold the Asstastic of Philly’s Hottest Sexy Santa (VIDEO)

Philly's Hottest Sexy Santa
Instant Christmas spirit/stiffness guaranteed!

Yes indeed, gentlemen. The Fox Hunt makes a first tentative foray into the realm of moving pictures; much like those early monochrome silent films accompanied by a fat bastard playing the piano. In lieu of the aforementioned portly dude, though, we have the comely corps of Kim, Philly’s sexiest santa.

The erotic appeal of many of them -the elderly alcoholic that refused to provide the fighter jet we wanted for Christmas 1989, before pissing himself, for instance- can be considered rather niche, at best. Fortuitously, our run of voluptuous Mrs. Claus…es continues above. (Incidentally, don’t attempt a literal ‘run’ for some time after viewing. Chafing of the constricted pants-region is responsible for an egregious 18,000 accidental scrote-ignitions every year. Bollock fires are the scourge of our times.)

Today’s gratuitous gaming fact (tit-tastic titillation and a knowledge-volley to the face? It’s a treat for the mind and the gonads!): Zombie Driver HD was released on PSN today. Is our protagonist a literal… driver of zombies? An undead cab-man, beset by decomposing flesh fragments and shitstains on his back seat, loath to touch the festering hands of his clientele as they offer the moldy dollar bills that are their fare?
We’d venture it isn’t, but it damn well should be.