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Forza Horizon Adds Rally Racing DLC for Hatchback Fun (VIDEO)

I've always wondered why those of us in America don't base our car purchase decisions on an automaker's racing pedigree. Sure NASCAR has been growing in popularity every year since the beginning of time supposedly (it's up there with free money and warm blankets at this point), yet you don't see any Cars of Tomorrow parked at your local big box retailer ever. Rally racing companies, drivers and cars are superstars in other parts of the world and directly influence the public's hatchback purchasing decisions. Rally racing is some of the most intense driving you can imagine and Forza Horizon is tacking on some of that dirty, bumpy racing with some fresh downloadable content. Serioulsy rally racing has you driving and wrestling your car on the X, Y and Z axes at high speeds like you're flying a sci-fi spaceship. You could put those same skills to use in real life, slicing and dashing through traffic except natural obstacles like trees and berms don't curse you out and make dumb decisions at high speeds.

Have a look at Forza Horizon's Rally Racing DLC trailer and get ready to make some easy lefts.

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