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First 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Poster is Heavy on the Cumberbatch, Light on the Whole Space Thing

Last week we were treated to a very vague, mysterious plot description for Star Trek Into Darkness, and asides from a few stolen set pics, it was the first official tidbit of sequel news Paramount gave us. Today, one more crumb from gargantuan mouth of J.J. Abrams has fallen onto the proverbial mouth of fanboys everywhere as Simon Pegg has tweeted the first official poster for next year's Trek movie.

So it looks like Benedict Cumberbatch is standing on a pile of fiery rubble, overlooking the destruction I can only imagine he caused (unless this new Trek timeline is still somehow connected to Final Frontier and all the mayhem is actually being caused by Sha Ka Ree) and if I'm not mistaken, that's Earth in the background. So there it is--the first poster for Terminator: Salvation Star Trek Into Darkness. And don't forget that the first official trailer for the movie will play before The Hobbit next week.

Star Trek Into Darkness opens May 17, 2013. The poster in its entirety can be seen below. 

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