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Let's Watch Quite Possibly the Worst Free Kick in the History of the World

In golf, a slice is something that happens to pretty much everyone, from the top players on the PGA tour to nearly every weekend hacker who tries to get a round in. You're swinging at a tiny ball with an oddly shaped club and no matter how many times you hit it straight, eventually you're going to mishit that sucker and send it sideways.

In soccer though, you wouldn't think it would be a problem. You have a foot and a ball that is bigger than the foot. Kicking it straight shouldn't be, and usually isn't, a problem. But for Evanildo Rodrigues it was a big problem. Rodrigues was in a match in Qatar when he tried to kick the ball downfield, but sent it sideways and ultimately kind of backwards. That's a special kind of miss right there.

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