Emily Ratajkowski Lingerie Video Might Just Reveal The Most Underrated Body In all of Hottieville (VIDEO)

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Honestly, the list of girls that infatuate us runs endlessly, but every now and then along comes an unsung surprise that merits special call out, uncommon accolade, and a messy herald. And one of those pleasant wonderments is Emily Ratajkowski, the California girl who some of the more ardent fans remember from her iCarly guest appearances, but who since turning 18 has blessedly turned to sextastic modeling, clothed and deliciously otherwise, and now featured in the seasonal Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie video.

I'm not sure if it's her somewhat complicated last name or the fact that she's rather discerning in her work appearances, but Emily is one of those girls we forget just how much we lust until, blammo, there she is again and we just want to cry like a kid on Christmas overwhelmed by the toy bounty. Enjoy.

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