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DmC's Dante and the Top 7 Biggest Lady's Men in Gaming

Monday morning is here again and another Top 7 is heading your way. Last week, we took a look at a look at the wacky world of Easter eggs and it was a trip, for lack of a better word. This week we snap back to reality and take a look at something we can all relate to...or at least try.

Video games often follow a default formula in the way they're created. Stories must have twist and turns, there has to be a big finale and the main protagonist has to be the image of what we, as the players, want to be. For an industry that was, at one point, consisted almost entirely of men, this protagonist was often seen as the ultimate man. These guys had the looks we'll never have, did the things we never could and got the ladies we could never get in a million years. Yes, we're talking about the biggest lady's men in gaming. We're about to break down the different types of lady's men that exists (yes, women, there's more than one kind) so check  it out!

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