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Diablo II's Cow Level and the Top 7 Greatest Easter Eggs in Gaming

One of the greatest aspect of video games is the many secrets that lie buried deep under the surface. These can be anything from secret levels to hidden messages and are always amusing is some form or other. The best part of these 'Easter Eggs' is that, in a time when everything about a video game is leaked before the game even hits the shelf, they're still able to give us a bit of that genuine surprise we remember from back when we were young.

The world of video games is a big place, and it's rapidly growing. As much as I'd love to have included the hundreds of other unforgettable Easter eggs that deserve to be mentioned, this is a Top 7 list and I'd rather not get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome this early in life trying to capture them all. If you have some to add, feel free to comment on our Facebook page or message me on Twitter @TravisJShuman where I'll try my best to fight back whatever troll comments you may have.

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