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Detroit Lions Say Eff it, We're Just Going to Throw it to Calvin Johnson

With just three games left in the season and no shot at the playoffs, the Detroit Lions have one goal in mind; get the single season receiving yards record for Calvin Johnson. Megatron isn't that far away from Jerry Rice's mark of 1,848 yards. In fact, Johnson needs just 101 yards each game to beat Rice by one yard.

Johnson is averaging 118 yards a game for a total of 1,546 on the season. I don't see a problem with the Lions publicly declaring this. It's not like it's a secret that they try to get the ball to Johnson all the time anyway. Johnson is a standup guy and wants it to be a team thing. 

"It's definitely something that I take joy in that my teammates are right behind me on this thing," Johnson said. "They want me to get it as much as I want to get it."

The only issue is that opposing teams will now do whatever they can to prevent Johnson from getting the record. And the three teams the Lions have left are Arizona (number 5 pass defense in the NFL), Atlanta (number 14), and Chicago (number 6) so it won't be easy. But congrats if you have Johnson or Matthew Stafford on your fantasy team and you're still in the playoffs.

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