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Dead Island Riptide Spikes Your Tropical Drink with Zombie Flavored Screens

Like a movie from the 1980s, Dead Island: Riptide is a sequel that picks up where the original video game left off and the zombie killing action begins anew. The folks who survived the original Dead Island, think they're safe and rescued but all the new zombies aboard their rescue ship are not having that. Something tells me a ship full of zombies chasing characters who barely survived the last zombie onslaught is going to be truly exhausting. Oh and I fully expect a shipwreck of some kind. Everybody knows zombies make poor sailors. You've got to have quick reactions and be of sound mind and body to sail the seas, even in a gigantic military vessel made of steel and loaded with weapons. Anyway, a distressed ship with zombies and exhausted survivors is a recipe for survival horror fun in early 2013. Here are screens to back that up.


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