Courtney Stodden Cleavage Now Comes in Fully Grown Adult Sizes

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Ironically, or, perhaps, luckily, we've seen less of Courtney Stodden since she turned the big 1-8 than we did during her triumphant jailbait run following her marriage to the guy who will forever be known as, 'that old perv dude from Lost'.

But, there's truly no stopping the power of funbags in Hollywood, so we get a second bite at the now legal apple with Courtney making more cleavetastic appearances at red carpets and charity events at flashing what appears to be an ever increasing in size pair of barely legal hooters. It's probably mostly smoke and mirrors, but between the inflated tubes and the rather toned leg show, there's simply no way we're not sharing this with you. Enjoy.

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