Claudia Romani Bikini Waltz Into Starbucks Means Miami Even More Awesome Than Previously Thought

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Officially, I do not visit Starbucks. Let's be honest, when coffee was called 'Joe' and you drank it black, it was pretty damn manly. But the minute it started being given funky complicated names to cover the fact it was just a coffee-flavored foamy sugar milk, well, heck, you might as well just start wearing a lavender dress to the Spring formal, my former brother.

However, I could be persuaded to change my mind if I'm considering a Starbucks in the general vicinity of Miami Beach, a strip of shoreline currently so overrun by celebrity hotness, that super babes like Claudia Romani walk in off the beach in their bikinis to grab an overpriced tea juice drink thingee. While it may not be appropriate for a man to enter the silly coffee house, anywhere Claudia wants to take her fine bikini bottom is not only on limits, it should be swept of any potential obstructions to clear views of her fine Italian boot.  Enjoy.

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