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Christopher Lee's Heavy Metal Christmas

With Christmas less than a week away, the sound of Christmas carols is deafening. While the songs are fine they do tend to be pretty...lame. Old maudlin singers and screeching harpies like Mariah Carey are the order of the day. You start to wish for something more badass. Luckily, the legendary actor Christopher Lee has come out with a heavy metal album just in time for Christmas. The 9o-year-old thespian is famous for playing Dracula, Saruman from The Lord of the Rings, and Count Dooku from the Star Wars prequels. Who better than a classic villain to lead a metal band? His booming baritone and gravitas go well with the heavy sound of the band Charlemagne.

Here he is singing Silent Night and The Little Drummer Boy. Have a very Metal Christmas!

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