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Check Out the Real-Life R/C Transformer that Shoots Darts (VIDEO)

Nothing against the Transformers franchise, but I think Michael Bay and his crew really should've stopped at the second movie. I get that they struck while the iron was hot, but the second sequel was pretty much a cliched remake of the first sequel and it was starting to get boring. And they're already making the third sequel with an all-new cast... I wonder how that's going to turn out.

On a related note, you might soon see Transformers well outside the four walls of your screen because Kenji Ishida has built an awesome real-life Transformer that goes from car to robot in a few seconds. The coolest part? His R/C Transformer can shoot darts in robot form!

Kenji's Transformer also has a streaming video camera, because, you know, that's always a handy feature to have. Check out the break to see the car in action!

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