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Byron 'B.J.' Mullens Ruins LaMarcus Aldridge's Night With a Ferocious Dunk

Holy crap, the Charlotte Bobcats have a highlight! Not just any highlight, either, because what Byron Mullens did to LaMarcusAldridge will be played over and over and deservedly so. Early in the first quarter last night, the seven foot Mullens launches a three that comes up a bit short. Mullens follows his shot (always follow your shot, kids) and gets the offensive rebound with a clear lane ahead of him.

Mullens gets into a perfect rhythm and takes off from the bottom of the free throw circle. Aldridge decides, sort of, that he's going to take the charge. Mullens, however, will not be denied and just throws the hammer down. I mean, this is just insanity. Aldridge was outside the charge circle, but had he not fallen sideways and actually taken the charge full on, the dunk likely would have been waved off. But the game was in Charlotte, so maybe not. Either way, the best part is that there are only about 450 people in the arena. So here you go Mullens, Portland might have won the game, but we're trying to get this highlight out there because it needs to be seen.

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