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Buffalo GM Wants to Trade up to Get a Quarterback - Take That, Fitzpatrick

Being an NFL quarterback is tough. Sure you get a lot of credit for wins, but on the flip side you get most of the blame in losses. Sign a big contract, like Ryan Fitzpatrick did in Buffalo, and the pressure starts to mount even more. The Harvard grad inked an extension in October of 2011 for $59 million over six years with $24 million guaranteed.

Still, it looks like Buffalo is already thinking about the post-Fitzpatrick era since their GM Buddy Nix said in an interview that the team would be willing to trade up to get a young quarterback. I'm sure Fitzpatrick can't feel too great about hearing that. The conventional wisdom used to be to draft a guy, let the vet help groom him to take his job, and then put the guy out there after a year or two.

But the last couple of years with guys like Cam Newton, Andy Dalton, Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck, and RussellWilson, teams are finding out that rookies are coming into the NFL more ready to play than ever. I'm not saying Fitzpatrick is the answer in Buffalo, because he isn't, but damn if that isn't a little slap in the face to the guy. Also, that picture is hilarious.

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