Ashlee Simpson Bikini Pictures for the Skinnier Simpson Sister Reveal

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Truth be told, I once worked my way hrough a salad bar line at a grocery store next to a young Ashlee Simpson. Before the blonde, before the baby, before she was married and divorced or broke up or whatever she is, even before her short-lived craptastic musical career. Just plain dark-haired teen Ashlee picking through the mushrooms as I perused the kidney beans for any signs of foreign objects that may have landed beneath the sneeze splatter guard. She turned to me, we shared a smile, as a woman does to a man she believes surely must be a stalker. It was rather magical.

Flash forward to post mommy days, though still a young woman and Ashlee Simpson is now a little blond MILFy mom on the beach in Hawaii, tending to her little brood and flashing a little of her petite body 'neath her gear cap, it's all kind of working. Kind of like how we worked that salad bar, oh, those many years ago, Ash. Enjoy.

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