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Anri Siguhara Super Hot Japanese Model Is Another Treasure From Our Far East Journeys

Oh, how we have reveled in our tour of the Far East, so many tasty sextastic celebrities previously unknown to us. This must be how the great explorers felt at one time traveling on their clipper ships to uncharted lands to see worlds previously unseen. Only, since we get sea sick and can't be more than three miles from Chick-Fil-A without breaking out into a cold sweat, this virtual voyage is more than good enough for us. In fact, it's great enough when we uncover the likes of Anri Siguhara, celebrity model from Japan, who has us weak in the knees and strong in the trousers (as I'm sure somebody said somewhere once in a bar or something before being punched in the face.

Check out some of Anri's pictorials from Young Magazine and V.W.S and see if you don't feel like joining our merry virtual voyage to the East.

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