Aida Yespica Lingerie Pictures Reveal Perhaps Our Favorite Body in the World

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Now, there a million fine female bodies in this world, and, Lord knows, we've attempted to make sweet sexy love to each and every one of them (our lack of success to date merely means that we're overdue), and we do hate the use of superlatives, because hotness is a journey, not a destination, still, we are quite tempted to say that Venezuelan pageant winner turned model and TV personality Aida Yespica may just have our favorite bodies on this here spinning ball of gas.

Take a look at Aida's latest lingerie pictorial, for SieLei, and see if you don't see what we see -- a perfect slice of heaven in female anatomical form. It's as if Mother Nature let a super horny dude invent his own woman, just for kicks, and out popped Aida Yespica. If only this is how nature worked, as opposed to whatever it is they tried to teach me back in school. Aida, te amo. Enjoy.

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