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Ahoy, Mod Mateys: Awesome Pirate Chest Beer Cooler

Beer coolers. Nothing interesting about them, but you need them anyways. I mean, they keep your beer cool while you drive off to meet your friends in God-knows-where for your weekly neighborhood watch-slash-drinking-sesh. (Plot sound familiar? Yeah, we borrowed from The Watch, which happened to suck, by the way, so don't watch it if you can help it.)

Someone finally figured how to make beer coolers awesome, though. It's so awesome that it'll have you walking off the plank for it because it's just that good--and piratey.

Built by redditor ShutUpLori, the Pirate Chest Beer Cooler is basically just an Igloo beer cooler with a wooden pirate chest built all around it. Add a hinge and the padlock and you're all set to go your merry way with your boozy treasure. Ahoy!

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