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A Couple of Guys with A Lot of Time and Disposable Income Recreate Life as a Hobbit (VIDEO)

People are obsessed with Lord of the Rings. That's no news to anyone. And with The Hobbit opening Friday, the true fanboys are coming out of the depths of the darkest Middle Earth forests to show their true fandom. Two guys in particular seem to have won the award for not only most devoted Hobbit fan, but most devoted Hobbit fans who have way too much time to work on things Hobbit-related.

The guys in the new web series 'A Simple Walk into Mordor' have figured out how long it would take to make the journey from Hobbiton to Mordor in Lord of the Rings, and recreate it based on the shooting locations from the actual film. All they had to do was grab some cameras and pay an inordinate amount of money to fly all the way to New Zealand to do this. No big deal.

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