Yoko Ono's Clothing Line For Men Is Worse Than Her Singing

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Yoko Ono destroyed The Beatles, art, and music in the 60's and 70's. Now she has done it again by creating a line of men's clothes that effectively ruins the fashion world. She created these winning designs for Opening Ceremony's new line. They are...special. Look, fashion is a subjective thing and what I might find attractive another person might hate. But who exactly are these designs for? It's like she had the cloned-gay-sex-slave-in-a-dystopian-60's-future in mind when she designed these. Mesh tops, nipple revealing wife beaters, pants with hands on the crotch, and a Lucite board with two bells on them. I imagine some upper-middle class kid who is pissing off his parents by moving to New York to study performance art might buy this stuff just to ruin Christmas for his poor long suffering parents. Way to go Yoko. You've ruined another holiday season you screeching Grinch.

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