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Why Do People Still Do Black Friday?

Today is Black Friday, the day when thousands of Americans put themselves through hell for deals. These American heroes pull themselves out of a tryptophan coma long enough to schlep to their local big box store to save $50 on an $800 TV or whatever. People line up the night before in order to do battle to get their hands on their prize. Because the best way to celebrate the birth of Jesus is to abuse your neighbors for an iPhone 5. The tradition started decades ago as a way to kick off the Christmas shopping season. Many retailers rely on Black Friday to stay in the black. When internet shopping became a thing in the late 90's, Cyber Monday emerged as an easier and more convenient alternative. What I don't understand is why, given that you can get THE SAME DEALS online, why people still subject themselves to the horror of Black Friday. Is it that they are masochists who like to be abused, shoved, and mistreated? Or is it that they are sadists who like to abuse, shove, and mistreat? People, just order the stuff online sitting on the couch in your underwear like God intended.

Here is a video from a few hours ago with hundreds of people fighting at a Walmart.

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