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When Deadpool Goes Chillin' with Super Villains

Deadpool's a pretty nutty character. (On a side note, have you heard about the dude who hit a lot of cons this year dressed as Deadpool? As a lot of videos would show, he got the act down pat.)

He likes to talk and gab and act all crazy. But most of all? He loves to hang out and chill with super villains from different worlds and franchises, because yeah, he's cool like that. One of them happens to be Boba Fett the bad-ass. Another happens to be the hot and sexy Harley Quinn who seems crazy for the King of Crazy himself.

Artist extraordinaire m7781 saw all this stuff happening in his head, and he took it upon himself to draw it all out so that the rest of us talentless folks can bear witness to the many (mis)adventures of Deadpool.

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