'Wayne's World 3' Is Coming Soon to a Theater Near You...Not!

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Earlier this week the Internet was abuzz with rumours and hearsay after JoBlo broke the news that Mike Myers had finished a script for Wayne's World 3and the rocking duo of Wayne and Garth would soon be returning to our screens! The story would 'reportedly focus on the pair coping with the new era of music, their transition from cable to the Internet, and Wayne working on his marriage to Cassandra.' Oh, how we all rejoiced!

Then it was revealed that the story was a complete lie ... DAMN IT! I guess Mike Myers was too busy writing the script to Austin Powers 4, which I believe will be subtitled as Austin Powers:Beating a Dead Horse

Oh, well. Maybe next year! But, we've been down this alley before. Check out the gallery for movie hoaxes that truly had us dreaming! 

And watch below for perhaps the funniest clip from the Wayne and Garth saga!

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