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Tis The Season To Set Your DVR! Which Christmas Movies Will Get You In The Mood For Santa?

I'm still finding turkey grizzle and sweet potatoes at the bottom of the bowl before I flush but somehow the Christmas season is already upon us! Which depending on your mood is either wonderful or disastrous news. Now everyone just wants to complain about how commercial the celebration has become and proclaim that we should be concentrating our efforts on the birth of the big guy upstairs' right hand man. Or if you're one of those really bitter people, on some oil staying lit longer than some Goldbergs thought it would.

Fat chance. Xmas now revolves around food, presents, cheesy Christmas movies and a big old tree, that you place in the corner of your house and slowly watch die. But which flicks will get you in the mood for the return of Santa, Rudolf, Prancer and the remaining reindeer who the fat man abuses on his trip round earth? Here are 5 Christmas films you need to watch before December 25th.

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