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'Thor: The Dark World' Set Videos Have Thor and the Dark Elves at Each Others' Throats (VIDEO)

There's trouble in the cosmos and it's time for Thor to step in and save the day once more. Even though we'll still see a lot of Tom Hiddleston as Thor's annoyingly mischievous younger brother, Loki, he's not the biggest problem Thor will encounter in The Dark World.

In fact, Thor's greatest adversary is none other than Malekith the Accursed and his legion of Dark Elves. We all got our first look at the bad guys a couple of days ago when a series of set photos were released. Today, we've got something better: set videos showing Thor and Malekith battling it out while people watched on from the sidelines.

The one above shows Thor hammering away at Malekith with his Mjölnir and the Lord of the Dark Elves does a good job at retaliating. The fight scene looks a bit silly without the effects, but Chris Hemsworth's good form makes up for it.

You can hit the break for additional set videos from Thor: The Dark World which were shot by Dan Mumford.

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