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This 170-Feet Trampoline is the Newest (and Dumbest) Way to Commute

If you want to get somewhere, then walk. If you need to get there fast, then run. If you need to get there even faster, then drive your car, ride the bus, or take the subway.

But if you want to get there in your own sweet time and hurl out huge chunks of vomit along the way, then take the Fast Track trampoline pathway.

Fast Track is the world's first and only 170-foot trampoline path--and it really should stay that way because it's pretty much useless for commuting. Of course, it wasn't exactly made for that purpose, but it's a huge hassle either way.

The Fast Track is actually an art installation by designers Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, and Ralf Lõoke and they've currently set up the massive passageway in the forest of Nikola-Lenivets in Russia.

All I can say is that kids will love it, parents will hate it, and everyone else in between will probably want to have at least one go on it. Too bad it's built all the way out there.

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