These Vegans Satisfy the Hunger in My Pants, But Unfortunately Not the One In My Stomach

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It's tough to turn a thing like tofu sexy. But somehow, PETA have made a case that not all vegans are granola-chomping, hairy armpitted hippies with dreadlocks and bad skin. Not that I'm thinking anyone in particular (Sorry, Starbeam). Their 'I'd rather go naked than wear fur' ad campaign over the last few years has meant that we've been privy to some very sexy vegans and vegetarians who do just that.

I guess when your body is in such shock from not having eaten any chemically treated meat products, you make up for it by fixating on sex and nudity. Much like famous vegan Alicia Silverstone has--Not only has the Clueless star been photographed naked for PETA, but she's even a proponent for an eco-friendly vibrator, which I guess somehow gets you off while removing your carbon footprint (P.S. I can do the exact same thing and don't run on batteries). So, it's your move, Meat Industry. Because I don't care how well airbrushed Bethany Frankel is from behind, I'm going to be looking at that ad while chewing a turducken sandwich, not a vegan soy dog on a gluten free bun.

This ad proves vegans have only one thing on their minds:

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