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The Linc was a Sad, Depressing Place for Monday Night Football

I'd usually put something about the Monday Night Football game with some action shots from the field, but with Carolina beating the Eagles in Philadelphia, it turns out the stands were where the good pics were coming from. I mean, who cares about the Panthers getting to 3-8 and the Eagles falling to 3-8? It was a meaningless game, with the only tangible thing coming from it was that we're closer to the end of the Andy Reid era in Philly.

There is one shot from the game though, because Cam Newton celebrating a first down kind of cracked me up. At the beginning of the year I was defending him because the blame couldn't be all on him. Then he celebrated a late touchdown with that Superman thing he does in a game when Carolina was down 24 points or something. Newton has regressed somewhat, but the Panthers are just a mess all around. Anyway, it's a sad end, if it indeed ends, for Reid, but I'm sure he'll bounce back and coach somewhere next season if he wants to.

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