The Gamer Guy’s Alphabet: W is for WATERWORLD- Resident Evil’s Top Vacation Destinations

The Gamer Guy's Alphabet: W is for WATERWORLD
This is why you shouldn't be deceived by cheap vacation deals online

Here we are at the lamentable ass-end of the alphabet, the very letters Satan created to vex those that dare to create such features as these. (“MWAHAHAHA,” the great red bastard doomed, doomily. “Just wait for X and Z, those two mothers really suck.” Because he’s dickish like that. That’s so him.)

In this installment, we raise a merry middle finger at the dark lord with Waterworld. Returning to one of our favored franchises, Resident Evil (it’s emblazoned with the man-tacular seal of Egotastic! approval) here are some of the most appalling destinations for your summer vacation. Albino monks shitting in shadowy corners of a castle entirely bereft of toilets? Murderous farmfolk without the scantest regard for fashion sense?

This is true horror, right here.