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The Five Best Gruesome Deaths That Make Us Excited for the Prospect of a 'Scream 5' (VIDEO)

Wes Craven really like his horror movies. And so he should, because he's actually really good at making them. For a generation of movie-goers, Scream was the film that spooked the living bejesus out of them and their friends.

Scream 2, 3 and 4 each managed to have their own spooks and thrills, but the last edition to the series only managed to attract a measly $38 million at the US box office. So it is actually quite surprising to hear that Scream 5 is on it's way. But rather than be annoyed at this revelation, here are 5 murders from the franchise that will remind you why it was so good in the first place.

Bye Bye Barrymore

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