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The Falcons Defense and Saints Receivers End Drew Brees' TD Pass Streak

Talk about defining the term 'ugly win.' The Atlanta Falcons got to 11-1 on the year and avenged their one loss by beating the New Orleans Saints last night, 23-13. Drew Brees had his NFL record 54 game streak with a TD pass ended, but that was thanks to his receivers just as much as the Falcons' D. Lance Moore dropped an easy TD in the fourth quarter. The Falcons did pick off Brees five times too, marking the first time Brees ever did that.

If you play fantasy football, you probably read a lot about how Atlanta's Jacquizz Rodgers was going to have a breakout game and run all over New Orleans' crappy defense. It started out looking that way with a couple of 14 yard bursts, then he barely the got the ball the rest of game. That stuff is infuriating. Michael Turner led the Birds with 83 rushing yards on the night, while Rodgers finished with 43.

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