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The Creepiest Photos of Mary-Kate Olsen and 42-Year-Old French Boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy Make You Scream 'Sacre Bleu'

Yeesh. Well, look, we can't help who we fall in love with. But someone should tellMary-Kate Olsen that that rule doesn't apply to you when you're scoring some major PDA with your French Olivier Sarkozy, half-brother to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. When you do something like that, you're going to scare little children. And chances are specifically Olivier's own kids, who had to sit nearby and watch their dad canoodle with the 26-year-old fashion icon and billionaire hobo at last night's Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

We here at Egotastic! wish Mary-Kate and Olivier the best of luck with their creepy, May-December lovemaking that probably involves smearing brie cheese across their bodies 9 1/2 Weeks style with La Marseillaise playing on repeat in the background. Normally, I'd mourn the loss, but as one Olsen's legs swing shut, another's opens with Elizabeth Olsensuddenly around on the scene to replace her.

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