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The Best Presidential Facial Hair

The election is over and our lives and Facebook feeds can go back to normal. This weekend also sees the limited release of Spielberg's Oscar catnip film, Lincoln. The film stars insane method actor Daniel Day-Lewis as the great emancipator in the months leading up to his death. Whatever your ideology it's hard to argue that they don't make presidents like honest Abe anymore. A self taught man who could wrestle, write, speak, split rails, and kill vampires. Not to mention the whole freeing the slaves and winning the Civil War thing. Why is it that the presidents of the past were so awesome? My theory is that they had beards and 'staches. 11 out of 44 presidents had facial hair of some kind. Since the time of Woodrow Wilson every president has been clean shaven. Honestly, most of the presidents that followed Wilson were lame. You can keep your LBJ's and your Herbert Hoovers and I'll take Teddy Roosevelt and U.S. Grant. So, in honor of Movember, Lincoln, and the blessed end of the election season, here is a gallery of the great whiskered presidents.

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