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TARDIS Mini Fridge: Unlimited Space for Unlimited Booze

Without TARDIS, Doctor Who would literally be history. The powers of TARDIS are the stuff of legends and rightly so. After all, it is a time machine and a spaceship all in one. Too bad we never really ever get to see the insides of it every time the Doctor steps in.

However, what we do know is that the Doctor seems to be able to stuff a whole lot of his stuff into TARDIS without it ever getting full. So just imagine how cool it would be if we somehow managed to harness the power of TARDIS and cram it into these man-made TARDIS-inspired refrigerators...

So we haven't really gotten the unlimited space part down, but a lot of folks have managed to replicate and transfer the polished exteriors of TARDIS to common household appliances--the latest of which is the TARDIS Mini Fridge.

It can hold a couple of cans of beers at most, but hey, at least it's the coolest and closest thing you'll ever get to having TARDIS by your side. It's available online for $79.99.

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