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TARDIS Fridge Has a Billion Cubic Meters of Storage Space for Your Booze

I think Doctor Who would be long dead if it weren't for TARDIS and his sonic screwdriver. If you aren't familiar with the show, let me rehash it for you: TARDIS is his time machine slash space craft (now isn't that handy?), while the sonic screwdriver is a multi-functional screwdriver that works as lockpick, scanner, controller, tracker, and probably whatever else the Doctor wants it to be.

Basically, you can think of the TARDIS as a device that can hold all of time and space. So it would make sense that a TARDIS fridge would be able to hold everything and anything you'd ever want to stuff into it, right? Right.

It so happens that a real-life TARDIS refrigerator does exist, but while it looks like TARDIS on the outside, I'm pretty sure the space it has inside is still finite. Regardless, it's still pretty awesome. What do you think?

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