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Tablet Man Dressed in Tron Suit Goes Around Collecting Wishes

This dude totally looks like he stepped off the set of Tron, but he's not promoting the movie or the DVD or anything like that. But we'll call him Tron Man anyway.

The suit was actually put together by Toshiba as part of their desperate ploy to get some attention so that some people will actually start buying their tablets. And it looks like it's working, since, you know, we're actually talking about it right now.

Tron Man has a pretty important mission though: walk across random streets and have random people key in their wishes on the multitude of tablets stuck all over the suit.

I have to admit, it's a creative ad-slash-awareness campaign, so Toshiba gets point for that I guess. Check out Tron Man in action in the gallery above and in the video below:

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