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Sophie Turner and Her Body Faptastic Win Our Blue Balls Ribbon Halloween Costume Prize

Okay, so the blessedly unending need for sextastic celebrities to draw attention to their hotness goes on 365 days a year, but our awarding of the Blue Balls Ribbon Halloween Costume to Sophie Turner and her ridiculously hot show of skin and curves on the 31st officially marks our end of this specific holiday's cosplay coverage.

And what a way to go out. Sophie Turner has a body that we dream about thrice evening during our REM sleep, forever waking up with our mouths wide open biting about our comfy pillows. We're told it's a quite natural sleep-response for males in the age 12-14 category, so it's only natural that is still affect us.

But just look at Sophie bending and preening and flashing and tell me that Halloween image is not going to haunt you in your sleep evermore. Enjoy.

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